Bethany Galster

My curiosity for birth began when I was a mere 4-years old, spying on my mother while she taught prenatal classes in our basement.  My desire to photograph authentic moments became apparent while scaling mountains and rafting gorges as part of my Outdoor Leadership Degree. Once I became a Doula and entered the "birth world", I realized that my passion and talent were complementary. Although I have moved over 20 times over 3 continents, 5 countries and countless houses, we now call Calgary, AB home.  

My true loves are my family, and they are the highlights of my social media feed. I am a mother to a special needs son (due to prematurity), and a brilliantly blonde daughter. I am the wife to a fantastic husband who's skills exceed mine in every area. I believe that friendship should be practiced over potlucks and board games, and that chocolate in any form (other than ice cream, why does ice cream ruin chocolate?) is essentially hormone replacement.

Whether acting as a doula or photographer, I would love to get to know your family. Every first consultation is free, so contact me if you would like to connect!