J+V | Engagement

I don't do many couples/engagements at this point, but when some of your best friends ask, you agree! 

Justine and Vince, if you had asked me 4 years ago whether you were a suitable match I would have said "helllaaanooo". But somehow in that time you have both transformed into two individuals who are perfectly matched. Vince has tapped into his soft, creative side (can we say "Pinterest"?) and Justine gone from scoffing at the outdoors to becoming a rock-climbing, cross-country skiing badass.

When Andrew and I were deciding what the next step would be in our relationship someone asked us if we were better together, or better apart. Well, you two (just like us ;) ) are definitely better together. Your laughs are bigger and your goals grander. Can't wait for your wedding! Congratulations! 

Forest Engagement Photos_Bragg Creek.jpg
Vince and Justine Bragg Creek Engagement2.jpg
Vince and Justine Bragg Creek Engagement.jpg
Frozen Creek Engagement Photos_Bragg Creek2.jpg