What is Documentary Photography?



Documentary Photography was the style historically used by photojournalists and existed within political movements and historical narratives. "A picture tells a thousand words" could be the catchphrase of photojournalism. Since the popularization of photography, pictures have recorded the stories of triumph and depressions. Check out these iconic photos captured by photojournalists. 

Modern Uses

Documentary photography is mostly used in wedding, birth and event photography. It is also still used by photojournalists around the world to document events as they unfold. This is a budding field in relation to family-related sessions. 

Why do You Prefer This Style?

I have dabbled in all different styles of photography. Posed, lifestyle, indoor, outdoor, with natural light and studio light. Through all of my experience I have come to the realization that the photos which bring me the most joy are the photos which display life as it is- raw, emotional, fun, messy and lovely. Although I appreciate the time and art of creating the perfect posed portrait, my favourite creations are where you are just being you. I recognize that documentary photography isn't for everyone, some prefer the pretty and posed. But if you are like me and love the puddle jumping, tickle fest, coffee brewing mundane-but-oh-so-important-moments, then documentary photography might just be for you. 

What Does a Session Look Like?

First off, I come to you. To your home, your safe place. Depending on what type of session it is (family, newborn etc) there will be different expectations (ie. time of day, length of session etc). These will be discussed with you directly. I want you to be confident and at ease. How is this achieved? You do you. If you normally have fantastic hair and make-up, then do this! If on a typical day you don't wear anything more than track pants and a sweater, then do this! Imagine this, when you are old (and most likely senile, because let's be honest we are all well on our way there!) your grown kids are flipping through the photo album (HA. Let's be honest, scrolling through your old Facebook feed) and they see a picture of you- what do you want them to see? Do they see a mother placing waffles on a toddlers plate? Do they see a father teaching the girls how to fold a paper-airplane? Do they see Grandma reading a story to curious ears? 

Each session will be created as the moments unfold. This takes time, and comfort. There is no posing and no direction. I will brief you on activities that can be done, but besides that I will be a fly on the wall. Don't worry, I'll communicate with you before the session to make sure you understand and are comfortable with everything- I will also make sure properly introduce and play with your children before starting with photos so they are comfortable with me. 

Each package varies on what is included. Please reference the Investment page for current pricing. 

What do I recieve as part of my package?


Hopefully this answers some of your questions regarding documentary photography. I would love to spend half a day with you and document the complexities of your life. Please contact me to schedule your session.