True Documentary Style

The special thing about your family is that you in this exact moment, in this exact location, with these specific people have never been captured before. Try to forget all your Pinterest expectations and allow me to capture your family for who they are,  right now in this moment. For your newborn session this might mean I might put you in a certain space, but only you can communicate the love you have for your baby in a picture. Interaction, touch, tenderness, unique, appreciation for your partner, support- this is what we are all about. 

Don't Worry

Babies are unpredictable. You might think that your babe does nothing but eat, sleep and poop, but I can guarantee that as soon as you have expectations for them to sleep peacefully for the photographer he/she will do a 3-hour wide-awake stretch. To that I say, don't worry. Babies can feel the emotions of their parents and surroundings. The best way to have a relaxing session is to relax. If babe is awake, we'll do awake shots. If babe is asleep we'll do some cuddle/sleeping shots. The first few weeks of parenthood are stressful enough, you can relax in knowing we will capture some beautiful shots of your wee one. 

How to get ready

There are some simple things you can do before I arrive that can help optimize our session. Tuck away the excess "stuff" in the rooms we are planning to use for the session (most often the living room and nursery or master bedroom). Don't feel like you have to clean everything up, but be aware that what is in the room will be seen in the photos (think clocks with LCD displays and breast pumps) The cleaner the background the more timeless the look. 

Outfit styling for mom and dad should reflect your general style. Since most sessions are taken in the intimacy of your home, dress in outfits that would blend with the style of your home. Casual and comfortable are preferable to formal. Colours should be kept simple. Try to coordinate colours instead of match. Please no bright colours or logos.  Dads think jeans/khaki's and classy t-shirt or sweater. Moms think jeans, shirt and cardigan or loose dress. Feel free to check out my Pinterest style board for ideas or contact me if you want input on outfit choices. 

Although babes decided their own schedule, there are some things we can do to help baby be comfortable during our session. First, if your baby is normally swaddled or in long sleeves, turn up the temperature in your house to 23 degrees. This is so that baby is comfortable in just a onesie and we can capture those adorable little toes and fingers without them getting cold. 

Feed baby on his/her regular schedule. Since I am coming to your house I am completely fine with taking feeding breaks. If you want breastfeeding/bottle feeding shots, I can do those at that time. 

After the feed closest to my arrival time, please do a diaper change and dress baby in a light coloured (white, grey, light pink or light blue) onesie. This way we don't have to change baby and wake them upon my arrival. Please no writing/logos on the outfit and no busy patterns. If you have light coloured swaddle blankets feel free to bring those out as we may use them.   

Prepping Baby